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You will not want to miss the June 22 BREC meeting as BREC will present REV. RAFAEL CRUZ, director of Purifying Fire Ministries in Dallas, Texas and father of Presidential Candidate Senator TED CRUZ of Texas. Rev. Cruz fought against Communist tyranny in Cuba, for which he was arrested and tortured. He fled Cuba in 1957 at age 18, eventually settling in Texas. Rev. Cruz is a bold advocate for churches and pastors to engage politically to stand up against ever-increasing assaults on religious freedom in America. The RPOF has established a Standing Committee for Faith-Based Engagement to target and recruit Florida Christians who did not vote in the last two elections. 52% of Republicans are Conservative Christians. Only a third of the total 89 million professing Christians across the U.S. are registered voters. This represents a tremendous voter registration opportunity and mandate for Republicans because we cannot win in 2016 without the Christian base, who have for too long been taken for granted. Congratulations to Conservative Republican LENNY CURRY, the new Mayor of Jacksonville, elected Tuesday, May 19. Lenny, the former Chairman of the Republican Party of Florida defeated the incumbent Democrat Mayor Alvin Brown 51% to 49% for a key Republican victory and beginning of the REPUBLICAN STRONG WAVE of 2016! Congratulations also to attorney, Republican, and new Broward County Court Judge NINA DI PIETRO, who was recently appointed by Governor Scott to fill a judicial vacancy! Congratulations to RICO PETROCELLI, elected by BREC membership on April 27 as Republican State Committeeman to complete the term of resigning Ryan Anderson! Your Chairman, State Committeeman Petrocelli and Alternate Chad Lincoln attended the second quarterly RPOF Meeting in Orlando on May 15-16. RPOF Chairman Blaise Ingoglia emphasized that the road to the White House goes through FLORIDA, and has launched several initiatives aimed at readying RPOF and Florida for Victory in 2016: Mark your calendars for OCT 22-24 in Orlando for PRESIDENCY 6, the RPOF Presidential Debates! The RPOF opted not to conduct a straw poll at this Event as in the previous five Events, in order to encourage participation by all Candidates. Florida boasts four Presidential Candidates for 2016 – JEB Bush, Marco Rubio, Dr. Ben Carson and Mike Huckabee. The first Florida Presidency straw poll was won by Ronald Reagan in 1979! The 2016 Florida Primary will take place on Tuesday, MARCH 15, 2016, and the RPOF has adopted a Winner Take All approach, so that the Primary winner will receive 100% of Florida’s delegates to the Republican Convention rather than a proportionate number based on Primary votes cast. The RPOF Rules were also amended to increase the number of delegates per CD Caucus from 2 to 3 (with 3 Alternates). IMPORTANT MEMBERSHIP REMINDER: If you are unable to attend the meeting, please submit request for Excused Absence to Please include your name, precinct number and the meeting date that you wish to be excused from. According to our County Constitution, BREC members with unexcused absences for three consecutive meetings are subject to automatic removal from BREC membership. State Committeeman Ryan Anderson will be relocating to Miami to pursue his career, and therefore has submitted his resignation to the Board, effective immediately. The Board has accepted his resignation and wishes him every success in his career and future endeavors. A vacancy is now created at both the County and State Executive Committee levels. In view of an important RPOF State Executive Committee Quarterly Meeting scheduled in May, it is vitally important that this vacancy be filled and Broward County be fully represented at both the County and State Executive Committee levels. Accordingly, Notice is hereby given for a SPECIAL ELECTION to elect a State Committeeman to complete the current four year term ending in 2016, to be held at the next regularly scheduled BREC Meeting on April 27, 2015. Under RPOF Constitution Article V, Section 2, RPOF Rule 4A and BREC Model Constitution Article 111, Section 3, a vacancy in the office of State Committeeman shall be elected by majority of BREC Members at a meeting duly noticed and called for that purpose in which a quorum has been established. Nominations for State Committeeman will be from the floor. ©2013, Republican Party of Broward County. All Rights Reserved. Paid For and Authorized By The Broward Republican Executive Committee. Not Authorized By Any Candidate or Candidate’s Committee. Source.

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