Can I convert Garmin maps for the use with AFTrack? – Mobile Atlas Creator Forums

Can I convert Garmin maps for the use with AFTrack? I have topo maps for Garmin but how to convert them? Where else can I find topo maps from Canada? I am not sure you and ivolino are talking about the same thing. From my point of view ivolino is asking for a way to convert an existing Garmin Map (usually vector based) that is used with car navigation or GPS systems. Those maps are by default protected by DRM techniques. MOBAC is not able to process such maps. Even without DRM protection MOBAC does not support any Garmin map format (I know) as map source. The only map source supported are online map sources (pre-defined that come with MOBAC and custom XML/BSH based), local tile server, and bitmap tiles stored in a directory structure, ZIP file or SQLite (format RMaps, MBTiles, BigPlanetTracks, NaviComputer and OSMAND). My answer is no - not with plain MOBAC. The only feasible way I see is using a tool that converts Garmin maps to map tiles that can be used by MOBAC (Mercator projection, same zoom level and regions per tile as OSM/Google). Note that I don't have any knowledge if such a tool exists - the answer is just theoretical. Source.

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Last Modified: April 18, 2016 @ 5:04 pm