Copyright © Gemeente Apeldoorn, Afdeling Ruimtelijke Informatie. In cooperation with Red Geographics is a professional photorealistic terrain visualization, modeling & rendering package developed by 3D Nature LLC and offered by Carbon Graphics as a natural complementary product to Geo - the premiere 3D Modeling & Animation package for the Visual Simulation market. Previously targeted towards the GIS community, VNS can now be used (with the included Scene Exporter add-on) to create high-fidelity real-time ready databases. Build vis-sim ready objects and features in Geo (such as buildings, vehicles, cultural features, trees, signage etc.) and have them auto-populated and positioned within VNS. Load VNS-generated databases into Geo for scene Graph modification, tweaking and/or export to other run-time formats. Pass data between the applications in MultiGen (.flt), 3DStudio (.3ds), VRML (.wrl) or Wavefront (.obj) formats. Visual Nature Studio lets you import and combine data in a variety of projections, datums, and coordinate systems! Data in diverse coordinate systems is dynamically reprojected on the fly into planimetric or 3D coordinates for interactive viewing and rendering in any datum. VNS includes a large number of predefined systems, datums and ellipsoids, and users can add their own as well. 3D object alignment controls lets you orient objects based on the orientation of a Vector. For example: Houses along curved roads can automatically orient to the road. Fence posts can automatically tilt as they go up a hill. Grid contour lines, survey points and break lines into terrain, accomplishing in a matter of seconds what previously took hours or days. As well as importing data, DEMs can be created using the built-in Terrain Generator - use the power of the texture editor to design a height-field, and have VNS turn it into a DEM of whatever resolution you require. This allows editing of elevation data natively within VNS. DEM-Paint's tools includes selection tools, smear, smooth, roughen, and variable brushes. Use VNS to merge datasets of different resolution. Now you can have primary site data at a very high resolution and seamlessly merge it with a low resolution dataset for background terrain. Use multiple datasets to create a custom LOD (Level of Detail) setup for your particular project and dataset combination. Place a forest, plant a flower bed, or clear the trees from a building site. Great for parks, golf courses, and landscaping. A single Ecosystem can now have multiple Materials, which can each have their own overstory, understory and ground overlay texturing for enhanced realism. These materials can be driven by keyframed values, or selected based on texture values applied through the texture editor. Used in combination with the new 'Dynamic Parameter' texture elements, the possibilities are mind-boggling! Now add Geo created trees and other 3D Objects to your Ecosystems. Place individual Scaled Image foliage or 3D trees alone or in rows. Perfect for orchards, crops, landscaping, telephone poles, fence posts and road signs. Place image drapes and raster Color Maps in any coordinate system. World and PRJ files will be automatically recognized for easy import and placement. Edit Vectors interactively by dragging in a View. Change them numerically in the Vector Editor. Scale, rotate or move entire Vectors or individual points. Smooth and Interpolate Vectors. Create fences, jersey barriers, buildings, regional boundaries and more. Example on the right show a view of New York City, created using Walls. Source.

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