This map of Fundy National Park shows how a graphics software package (CorelDraw X6) can be used to produce visually pleasing cartographic results. Although the map itself would have been easier to create using a program like ArcMap, CorelDraw proved to be better suited for the layout and design of the map. This map was developed using AutoCAD Civil3D 2013. The background texture for the map was produced by classifying a digital elevation model (DEM) and then assigning colours to the classified values. The 3D views on the right side were created by overlaying a CanImage of the study area on the DEM and then viewing the scene in 3D. The clouds were added as a background in Photoshop CS6. Using a combination of ArcMap 10 and CorelDraw X6, this 5 plate atlas of the Greenwood, Nova Scotia area was produced. As stated by the title, the atlas conforms to the biophysical nature of the study area. The chosen datasets show the soil drainage, surficial geology, commercial forestry use and finally the different kinds of forest cover found in the study area. Developed using ArcGIS & CorelDraw X6, this four plate atlas portrays various population based statistics for the province of Nova Scotia such as: Created using CorelDraw X6, this colour chart was built to provide basic understanding of colour properties. It also serves a great reference when trying to find the perfect colour! Throughout Nova Scotia, many people enjoy gardening. This tri-fold brochure was designed to allow for those people to connect with others of similar interests. In particular, those who fall within what is known as District 7 (Southwest Nova Scotia) in the Nova Scotia Association of Garden Clubs. It provides maps of the clubhouses as well as their address, current president and contact information. Source.

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