Cartography from pole to pole: selected contributions to the XXVIth International Conference of the ICA, Dresden 2013 | Clc

The Wageningen UR Library Catalogue contains bibliographic data on books and periodicals held by the libraries of Wageningen University and Research Centre and some 15 associated libraries. Holding data are added to each record. Subjects covered include Agrotechnology, Food and Food Production, Plant and Animal Sciences, Soil Science, Geo-information, Landscape and Spatial Planning, Water and Climate, Ecosystem Studies, Economics and Society. The joint collections of the participating libraries cover a substantial part of the internationally available scientific literature in these disciplines. As far as Dutch scientific literature in these fields is concerned, coverage can be considered near 100%, including much of the so-called 'grey literature'. All titles are entered in their original language. Keywords are added to facilitate subject searching. Source.

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