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To prepare the student to acquire concepts of design and equip them with thorough knowledge of creating image editing and publishing graphics for various industries. Visualization of Imagery, creating digital graphics, editing and optimazing of graphics for the print and publishing including digital printing and broadcast media. Design techniques, visual thinking, Development of conception, composition & typography. Development of style, vision and design. Understand conceptual knowledge about elements of art such as objects, texture, colour theory , space and character design. Rapid development of drawing skills - shapes and lines, basic design, various approaches to shades, shadow & rendering . Introduction to page maker, file options, open the Page Setup, Editing text, save your text, cut, copy, paste, find change text under edit, Page options, change the size of the page, change the Page number, type memu, Font setting, size, type style, Alignment, window tools, Arrange icons, tool box, scroll bars, style palette, colour palette . Element menu, Drawing line, Fill, Text rotation, Text wrap. Image control, define Colours setting the tab. Clearing the tab. Print option. Fundamental idea of Corel draw, History of corel draw, drawing line, changing line, changing thickness, drawing box and square. Rounding the corners, moving the box, skewing ad rotating and object deleting objec, text, Aligning text to base line, fitting text to a curved line. Text and drawing , Group , Ungroup, moving both the things, Rotating, Export and Import option, Printing the drawing and text. Special effects, adding perspective, melting object using blend. Countering object shapes using envelope. Detail study in creating product designs, bussiness graphics, graphics for print like brochures, flyers, artwork and corporate presentation, CD Rom, CBTs. Photoshop : Adobe photoshop and its application, Fundamental ideas of everytools. Modes RGB, CMYK, Grayscale, Bitmap, duotone, indexed colour, Lab colour & Multichannel. Every effects of 'Filter' menu. The applications of 'Channels' (Button effects). Imposition, The process of 'Masking' fire effects. A complete package of editing of pictures and various other effects. Learn next generation image - editing tools, edit and retouch images apply special effects, adjust colour balance to produce images that resemble water colours & oils. What is free hand & features. Editing features, colour featuraes, printing features, import export features. Starting free hand & using and under standing tools. Working with wizards, text & playing with colours, Working with stroke and fills in free hand. Additional commands of free hand. Source.

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