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1st i draw a circle, then fill any color. then i turn that circle to bitmap by click the option 'Covert to Bitmap' as RGB with 300dpi. Then i select that image, then i go to ' Bitmap - Creative - Scatter'. Now the image is show with edges scattered. After all these ladder i want to change the color of that image by right click on mouse from the color palatte. someone says, go back and change the color and do all these ladder. Its very difficult. so please anyone tell me about this. i had seen this thing when i went to a printing firm near by. Try using some combinations from Bitmaps >, Adjustment lab OR if you need you can take the bitmap to CorelPhotoPaint to edit it by clicking on Bitmap >, Edit Bitmap. Any time I need to change the color of a bitmap, I make the conversion to a black and white, left button click the clear (the X in the color pallette), and then right button click whichever color I want to change it to. But this would only pertain to the image being one color to begin with. As long as you convert the grayscale to black/white mode, you can make your circle any color you want. I've been looking for this information and now I know that I need to convert to black and white first. Source.

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Last Modified: April 23, 2016 @ 6:03 pm