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In Corel Draw X7 it is really easy to create vector fills. It is also easy to transform these vector fills (scale/shift). But I can't find a way how to change colors. Is there a way to edit vector fill the similar way as curves? I do not see any 'edit vector fill' icon. Or is it possible somehow to convert vector fill to curves to change colors and save as new vector fill? This is a nice question!. Unfortunately you can't edit a vector fill inside CorelDRAW, while you can do that outside it. I will tell you how. CorelDRAW is storing you custom fill as a .fill file in your CorelDRAW User document folder as a custom fill in the following directory This file is only can be read in CorelDRAW by opening it from the Vector fill fill tool only in CorelDraw, this file could not be opened with any vector based software even corelDRAW itself .. I tried to rename it to any vector file format and I failed to open it with any vector based software ... although can not edit the vector fill in CorelDRAW but we still could replace it with another new pattern based on the original one. Source.

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Last Modified: April 24, 2016 @ 5:01 pm