Only binary packages for Debian based Linux distros and Windows are available for download here. There may be packages available for alternative operating systems elsewhere. Do you have a bunch of scanned charts of your area, in graphical format (jpg, tiff, etc.) and OpenCPN won't read them? Here's how you can – with a bit of work, sure, but worth the effort – convert them into usable electronic charts. Steps 1 and 2: Say you have a chart in jpeg format called chart.jpg. From the command line, use: convert chart.jpg -colors 127 chart.gif and then again, convert chart.gif -colors 127 chart.tif and then again, convert chart.jpg -colors 127 chart.png (there is a script that does this for multiple files, get it here , just remove the .doc extension, this is the example) Throw away the .gif file. Don't ask me why you need to generate it in the first place, but apparently you do, it's an imagemagick thing. Keep the .tif and the .png ones a while longer, though. You'll be even happier to get rid of them when you've finished. Note 1: you can also make the .hdr file “manually”, using a template and entering the calibration data with a text editor, but I won't go into that for the moment. Source.

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