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A number of utilities to convert and work with BSB charts are included in the libbsb package. Sample files and instructions on using these tools are available on the Examples page. This is a utility to take an image of a chart that has been calibrated with MapCal, and convert it into a BSB chart that can be displayed in many marine navigation programs. Many people have found Google Earth and Google Maps printable images helpful in supplementing their knowledge of a particular area or specific location. The ChartAid program offers you the ability to save Google Maps printable images as Raster Charts or Photo Charts, in BSB/KAP file format. VentureFarther is a FREE cruiser built website that allows you to create BSB/KAP format charts online from either Google Maps or Microsofts Virtual Earth. Just create a login, go to the 'Advanced Tools For Cruisers/Satellite images BSB/KAP Charts' menu option and start downloading. No software to download and install. Source.

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