Christopher M. Godfrey — Advanced Computing Techniques in Meteorology (ATMS 373)

use points, lines, curves, and polygons to construct a scalable image. Try zooming in as much as possible on the figure in ), Adobe Illustrator (AI), PostScript (PS), and encapsulated PostScript (EPS). My experience with applications in meteorology leads me to believe that EPS graphics would be the most beneficial to learn about here, but have had some success with the newer SVG format. Before we begin with EPS, let's start by learning about plain PostScript. If something happens, then you have a program called GhostView in your path and you may skip to the next paragraph. If instead you get which commands to execute when you log in. You can customize your session by adding commands to this file. If you do not already have a in a text editor to see the PostScript commands. (If you ever used an Apple IIe, you may notice that the basic idea of drawing with these commands is not that different from file and looking in the top left corner of the GhostView window. Encapsulated PostScript files work beautifully when embedded within document preparation software such as LaTeX. The American Meteorological Society to view your plot and then open it up in a text editor. Because this is generated output, it's a bit more complicated than softens corner regions by blurring colors a bit and creating the appearance of a smoother transition. The resulting raster image uses more colors and therefore becomes a bit larger. . To simplify things a bit, we will use a Python utility written by Brian Fiedler called 'vplot' to write out PostScript commands. Visit Figure 1: Surface map depicting observations at 1900 UTC 11 February 2009. Colors correspond with the extent of cloud cover. is a nifty (and free) Windows program that downloads and decodes recent METAR observations. You may use the data file that I included in the assignment, but you could also download and plot your own set of observations. I massaged the decoded METAR reports a bit to produce Source.

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