The street map presents highway-level data and street-level data. It includes highways, major roads, minor roads, railways, water features, administrative boundaries, cities, parks, and landmarks, overlaid on shaded relief imagery for added context. This map is designed to be used as a basemap by GIS professionals and as a reference map by anyone. The map includes administrative boundaries, cities, water features, physiographic features, parks, landmarks, highways, roads, railways, and airports overlaid on land cover and shaded relief imagery for added context. This map presents low-resolution imagery for the world and high-resolution imagery for the United States and other areas around the world. The map includes NASA Blue Marble: Next Generation 500m resolution imagery at small scales (above 1:1,000,000), i-cubed 15m eSAT imagery at medium-to-large scales (down to 1:70,000) for the world, and USGS 15m Landsat imagery for Antarctica. The map features i-cubed Nationwide Prime 1m or better resolution imagery for the contiguous United States, Getmapping 1m resolution imagery for Great Britain, AeroGRID 1m to 2m resolution imagery for several countries in Europe, IGN 1m resolution imagery for Spain, IGP 1m resolution imagery for Portugal, and GeoEye IKONOS 1m resolution imagery for Hawaii, parts of Alaska, and several hundred metropolitan areas around the world. Additionally, imagery contributed by the GIS User Community has been added in Alaska, New York and Virginia. i-cubed Nationwide Prime is a seamless, color mosaic of various commercial and government imagery sources, including Aerials Express 0.3 to 0.6m resolution imagery for metropolitan areas and the best available United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) National Agriculture Imagery Program (NAIP) imagery and enhanced versions of United States Geological Survey (USGS) Digital Ortho Quarter Quad (DOQQ) imagery for other areas. This map presents country, state/province, and county or equivalent boundaries and place names for the world. The map was developed by ESRI using administrative and cities data from ESRI and AND Mapping for the world, and Tele Atlas administrative, cities, and landmark data for North America and Europe. This map is designed for overlay on maps with darker backgrounds, such as the World Imagery map. Source.

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