Automated Weather Graphics CineSat's core application is to produce weather analysis and forecast data based on real-time satellite imagery. But it also offers powerful and very flexible graphic capabilities to display all results and to automatically generate customized weather graphics. Capabilities Graphic Capabilities Overview You can use any 8-bit palette or 24-bit RGB raster image as background to your weather graphics, e.g. CineSat supports 63 projections onto planes (azimuthal), cylinders, and cones. For each projection surface you may choose among three basic projection properties: Every projection has a set of parameters that can easily be configured to adapt to your image data and applications. All of CineSat's real-time weather analysis and short-range forecast data can, of course, be drawn as image overlay, like e.g. Click on above links to view example images. Overlay colors and symbols can also be chosen to depend on data values, like e.g. cloud temperatures, convective cell properties, etc. With CineSat, you can pick the clouds from a visible or infra-red image and overlay them onto a colored (8/24-bit) background image (e.g. a land/sea mask). In contrast to the standard cloud thresholding method used at most sites, CineSat features the following improvements: CineSat allows you to combine any two (or more) images of equal size and projection. The basic image operations are: Image filtering may significantly improve the quality of your weather products and of derived forecasts. Filters are used to remove image noise, to enhance certain aspects of the image content, or simply to make the important bits of information better visible for a human viewer. The following image filters are available with CineSat: In addition to image filtering, CineSat offers a number of operations to further enhance your images, like Source.

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