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Clone the coding sequence into a special plasmid, an expression vector Transform the plasmid into bacteria. The bacteria will produce the protein. Purify the protein, inject it into a rabbit. The rabbit will make antibodies against the protein. Isolate the antibody from the blood of the rabbit. Incubate cells, tissues or an organism with the antibody. Under suitable conditions, the antibody will bind to the protein of interest. The bound antibody can be visualized by staining methods or Fuorescence Example: (remember this picture??) Expression of dorso-ventral axis-patterning genes Sequencing of DNA Using the Sanger Dideoxy-method The dideoxy sequencing method Figure 20-16a The structure of 2 ` ,3 `-dideoxynucleotides Figure 20-15 The smallest fragments run fastest in the gel, so they will be at the bottom The dideoxy sequencing method Figure 20-16b The dideoxy sequencing method Figure 20-16c Reading the DNA sequence from an automatic sequencer Figure 20-17 Recombinant DNA technologies that allow the cloning and manipulation of DNA segments are the basis for many aspects of molecular genetics Polymerase chain reaction DNA sequencing (Sanger method) Genome sequencing Generation of transgenic animals and plants Carrying reporter constructs to identify regulatory sequences Carrying transgenes that confer new properties (plants) Generation of l knock-out z animals to create mutants Methods to analyze which RNAs are expressed in particular cells and tissues cDNA libraries microarray analysis... Type your question here! Please include all relevant details, attachments, and requirements so your tutor can provide a complete answer. Source.

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