Color Mapping for Laser Cutting @ TechShop

Purpose: vector cut multiple depths in a single file Tools: CorelDRAW X5, EPILOG laser cutter Also known as pen tables, setting up color mapping can reduce cut time ... To start, open a new Corel file and set “Primary color mode” to “RGB”. Might seem simple, but running through this whole process in “CMYK” only to be ... Import your work and select the vector lines you wish to assign a cut value. In the lower right corner, double-click the square next to the pen icon. ... In the event you messed up one or both of the previous steps, fear not! While correcting a mistake might burn time, it is doable. Go back into ... Please note that the actual color of the line is what matters and not the layer that the line is on. Once your file is ready to go, ... Click “OK”, make sure your vectors are set to “Hairline” and get cutting! For more resources, tools, and training, head over to TechShop! 0100001001100101011000110110 00010111010101110011011001010 01000000110100101110100001001 11011100110010000001100011011 01111011011110110110000101110 Source.

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