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This is a selection of programs designed to aid in media (graphics and audio) manipulation, as recommended by the Wikigraphists and Graphics Labs. These programs are considered very useful tools for the tasks of retouching, editing and in creation of images, illustrations, maps, photographs and animations . They also aid in the recording, editing and conversion of audio files. Each program usually has its own dedicated forums and tutorials that can be found online. The search strings constructed from the name of the program, followed by the term 'forum' or 'tutorial' will usually present desirable results from your favourite search engine. These free software products have been labeled by the Wikigraphists of the Graphic Lab the 'five stars' of editing and creation of images, illustrations, maps, photograph and animations: These software packages have been recommended by the Commons community for use in image manipulation: JPEG is a lossy image format, most image editing software can encode and decode it but it is also possible to perform certain transformations on a JPEG losslessly. PNG is a lossless format to be used for any kind of diagram or screenshot for which SVG is not convenient. SVG, or Scalable Vector Graphics, is an XML-based vector graphics format. It can be created and edited by hand as a text file, or edited through a specialized program. Bitmaps (raster graphics) can be converted to SVG (especially diagrams, maps and so on should be) Theora is a lossy video codec. On Windows you can install the Xiph DirectShow filter for playing ogg vorbis and theora in Windows Media Player and Winamp. You can use the native video editing software of your operating system for editing tasks on your local machine: Source.

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