Wow, that's really great! I wasn't expecting that progress on this will be made any time soon, so it's great to hear that somebody is already working on this and trying to change things! Marcus Huber, Christian Gogolin and I are actually in the process of setting up an arXiv overlay journal for quant-ph. We are finalizing a draft with the initial proposal and guidelines, and will soon reach out to form an editorial board and open the idea to discussion by the community. More news on I don't even really see the point of a journal. Maybe we could adapt SciRate to have a little collection of longer reviews/editorials/etc associated to each article (like comments). What do you think a journal would offer over SciRate itself? I.e. if the potential paper reviewers would just inste An arXiv overlay journal was also started for astrophysics, and their source is available on GitHub. All we need to do is find/replace 'astrophysics' with 'quantum information' in the source code, and we have a platform. This article just got published in [Discrete Analysis][1], a new arXiv overlay journal that was launched last week (by 'published' I simply mean that you can read it for free on arXiv as you would normally do anyway). Just like in any other journal, this article was peer-reviewed, revised, accepted, Thanks for the reply. (3) is an interesting case to think about and it does seem that these attacks could be very significant then. And of course it's always good to improve the theoretical guarantees even if this is only relevant against future attacks. 1) As long as nobody has a quantum computer, our results don't have any practical relevance. That's clear. 2) When malicious parties start having access to quantum computers, the situation becomes more shady. For the reasons you mention, if the Let's say Alice and Bob are communicating over the internet using AES and Eve records all their messages. She's not making any queries and can't break anything. Source.

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