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Is it possible to convert a dwg/dxf file to a vector art format? I reproduced a family crest in LT, and my Father wants to have it embroidered on a shirt. The graphics company that will be doing the work has asked if I can convert it to the format they use. Is this possible, or am I trying to go from apples to oranges? Thanks. Save dwg as dxf, download Inscape (free open source vector art programme Open dxf in Inkscape and save as required vector file. I do this all the time. The trick is to create closed, fillable regions where ever you want to apply a fill color in your vector art program. This can easily be done by adding BHatch to these areas with retain polyline turned on in the preferences and then deleting the hatch pattern. It is best to do this all on a new layer and then freezing all other layers after you make all of your fillable regions. Once this is done you can export it as a dxf and when you open it in the vector program, I use CorelDraw, you can select the shapes and apply fills. Attached is an example of an elevation done in AutoCad and colored in CorelDraw. Source.

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