Convert a simple image to a vector graphic using GIMP and Inkscape – Album on Imgur

This tutorial is intended to teach the basics of using GIMP and Inkscape while showing the reader how to 'vectorize' a simple paw image. The sample files are linked in the Getting Started description. I operate a broadcast crew responsible for Internet streams of high school football games, so I have to deal with poor-quality team logos quite frequently. I think I've gotten pretty decent at cleaning up images like that, and here's a quick demo. If your image has multiple colors, you can use this same method with a few changes. I made a separate tutorial over here [ I have two files. One is the image I want to get the shape from, the other is the image I want to get the color from. If you'd like, you can download these samples from this album: Open the image you want to get your shape from. We're going to crop it and adjust the color to make it easier for Inkscape to trace. Select roughly where you want the borders of your image to be, then click Crop to Selection under the Image menu. You can then use the Autocrop option under the same menu to crop your image tighter. Set the Mode to Darken Only, set the brush to one with a hard edge, and set the size larger than the image itself. If you need to, you can quickly get the dimensions of your image by glancing at the title bar. Also, make sure that your foreground color (top left) is set to black. If it's not, click the small button to the bottom left, which will reset the colors to black and white. Thank-you for this great tutorial! I have a line-art church logo that looks so much better now that it's printing as a vector. My SVG in GIMP is still really pixelated. Not sure what I did wrong? Used the same 50x50 image so I didn't scale or resize at all. This album is really big! It's going to take us a bit to get your download ready for you. Enter your email and we will notify you when it's ready. Once ready, it will be available for up to 24 hours. Source.

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