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I have a confession to make: I love level editors! I’ve used a lot of different level editors over the years (most of them proprietary) and I’ve even helped design a couple including Ntropy which is still the in-house level editor at Nihilistic Software. For those who don’t know what I’m talking about, a level editor is a software tool used for building worlds for video games. Levels (also refereed to as worlds or maps) are basically the physical space that the game’s characters move around in and interact with. Levels contain all of the fun stuff that the player gets to do in games – solve puzzles, jump over stuff, kill the bad guys and save the princess. All these things get designed and then assets are created by other members of the team and then finally they’re assembled and tuned and tweaked endlessly in the level editor by a level designer. If you’re read my last couple of blog posts, you’d know that I’m currently writing scripts that will allow me to use Photoshop as a level editor for the 2 games I’m currently developing. I’d love to be able to write my own level editor from scratch (like you’ll see in the following images), but sadly since I’m not a programmer I have to build my tools on top of existing technology – which isn’t necessarily a bad thing – it’s just that it’s sometimes nice to develop tools that are made specifically for the game that you’re making rather than trying to shoehorn functionality into someone else’s tool. Anyway, I’ve gotten off track here. What I really wanted to show you was some of the awesome indie level editors that real-life indie game developers have made and are using for their games. Someone over at TIGForums started a thread called “Show us your level editors” (which was a positively brilliant idea) and lots of people have responded with screenshots and info. That’s only a few of the level editors mentioned in the thread, pop over to TIGForums to see more screehshots and to find high res images of the editors I posted here. And since we’re on the subject of level editors, here are some links to level editors (some free, some paid) that you can use for your projects. I know I’m missing a bunch of other great level editors from this list. f I missed your favorite level editor, please be sure to mention it in the comments below and I’ll add it to the list! Source.

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