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I would like to add graticules to a map, once it is in the 'print composer', on the border of the map, and not on the frame (my map insists on being smaller than the frame). I have managed to add a lat/long grid over my map, and the grid lines are transparent. I do not want crosses or grid lines, just tick marks on border. It is possible to get tick marks just along the edge of the map object's frame, just a little fiddly: You should now have tick marks on just the edge of the map object's frame. You can change the size and thickness of the by going to Simple Marker item (last item at the bottom of each of the 'Marker line' hierarchies) and playing with 'Size', 'Colors' and ,Outline width' etc to make it look how you want. As you have discovered, the map frame works by automatically clipping everything to its limits, this means that you can only have the tick marks pointing inwards, unless you get even more devious! To get them pointing out do this: You now should have a map window showing your data and tick marks on the outside. You can go ahead and turn your layers back on now without upsetting your arrangement because you locked the layers of the tick-map item. I think it looks goof to add a frame to the inner map object (not with map's 'Show grid' but with the standard 'Frame' option towards the bottom of the Item properties controls. Source.

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