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The Cartography Department of the Assessor’s office is the record keeper for the ownership of all property in Coos County, the plat map maintenance of those ownership boundaries and the taxing districts they are located in. Our oldest maps we have are from the 1960’s. In the mid 1970’s the Dept of Revenue produced new maps for Coos County and set up our tax lot books to show the ownership history from that point forward. We are currently in the process of having an outside company re-map all 1740+ assessment maps using current GPS points, survey’s and plats to meet ORMAP requirements and specifications and funding is through ORMAP. This will greatly increase the accuracy of our maps and this project should be completed by 2013. . We process straight changes of ownership using recorded deeds, court documents or other legal documents. We also process deeds, court documents or other legal documents that change property boundaries. These include: segregations, property line adjustments, vacations, dedications, partition, subdivision and condominium plats, leases, annexations, consolidations and division of property. Court documents include: probate, divorce decrees, small estates. If the vacation is within a city, you would need to contact the city planning or engineering department. If the vacation is outside a city, contact the county Planning Dept. You would need to record a Property Line Adjustment deed or other deed that meets all the requirements of ORS 92.190 (4). If you are thinking of doing a property line adjustment, you should first contact the appropriate city or county planning department to make sure all land use laws and/or ordinances are met prior to the adjustment. We by law have to work a recorded document and divide a property following the description given in the deed. We will make the change on our maps but this is for assessment purposes only and may not be in compliance with city or county land use laws and/or ordinances. If you wish to divide property, you may wish to contact the appropriate city or county planning department to make sure all land use laws and/or ordinances are met prior to recording the deed. This situation is a split code or in some instances a code split. A split code basically means a parcel over 5 acres with an improvement on it that is within a fire district. The fire district is responsible for a structure fire and Coos Forest Protection Agency ( CFPA ) is responsible for a land only fire. They each have a separate taxing rate, so one tax bill is for the fire district and one tax bill is for CFPA. Generally, 5 acres will be billed by the fire district and the remainder acreage by CFPA. The other instance is a ‘code split’ where a code line divides a property thus resulting in two separate accounts being created and two associated tax bills. Generally, the acreage shown on a deed, especially an old deed, is the least reliable source we use. We will use a survey acreage over any other source, followed by computer acreage, mathematical calculated acreage and finally deed acreage. You can record a deed from yourself (old last name) to yourself (new last name), or You can fill out a Request for Name Change form from our office and provide us with a copy of your marriage certificate and we will change title for our records. This form is available online and there is a $20.00 fee. If title was taken as Husband & Wife or Tenants by the Entirety we can remove the deceased name with a copy of the death certificate or by recording the death certificate. We can remove the name from our records by providing us with a copy of the death certificate or by recording the death certificate. This is the official web site for Coos County, and Coos County does not authorize any other web site to act or speak on behalf of Coos County, nor does Coos County authorize the use of its logos by anyone else or on any other web site, blog or any other form of publication. Source.

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