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Everybody knows that you can copy objects from Illustrator and paste them into InDesign -- maintaining the editable vector outlines. Unfortunately, it mysteriously sometimes doesn't work. For example, we just received an email from someone who was reading the InDesignSecrets Guide to Graphic Effects, and was having trouble with a copy/paste from Illustrator. It works for the vast majority of folks, but why not him? Here are a couple things you need to think about: Of course, you can also copy InDesign objects and paste them into Illustrator. Once again, this is best done with simple vectors. The best way I find for getting text from InDesign to Illustrator to export the text as RTF. You can then import the RTF to Illustrator and styles will be preserved (but obviously anything InDesign can with text styles that illustrator can’t won’t be kept. Unfortunately, I haven’t found a way to go from Illustrator to InDesign with text and preserving styles. And I particularly hate copying text from Illustrator to InDesign. Some of it just doesn’t work. I find copying the text from Illustrator to Notepad then from Notepad to InDesign. We did have our logo turn out horrible on a printed piece before, designed outside. And when we got the artwork back, it was plainly obvious they copied the logo from Illustrator to InDesign. It looked awful in print. Where you can copy and paste from Illustrator to InDesign, I’d say exercise extreme caution when doing so. And only do it if it’s a HAVE to thing to do. this problem was driving me nuts. I tried all of this. finally. when I nearly reinstalled creative suite… I need to copy some text as vectors from Illustrator into InDesign so I can use InDesign’s effects. This works for some letters but not others, so I’ve distilled it to a simple example: Type “w” in the appropriate font (Snap ITC) in Illustrator. Convert it to an outline. Copy and paste into InDesign. It appears as a polygon. But if I stroke the object specifying outside alignment, the stroke appears inside the polygon — and vice versa. It’s font specific. If I do the same test only change the typeface to Arial Bold, the stroke alignment works as expected. I’m curious about why this happens, but I’m more interested in knowing how to tell InDesign how to find the inside of this polygon. New CS6 installed. Trying to cut vector art from AI and place it in ID. It comes in as individual images, not vector, editable pieces. And formatted text in AI can’t be pasted into ID. Comes into ID broken up – not as a text block, but mini bits of outlined letters. Is there a preference for this? I’m wondering, when you paste a vector object to InDesign from Illustrator, is the vector “embedded” in the ID file, or somewhere else? It doesn’t seem to be referencing any AI file, so is it safe to delete the AI vectors? One way to get text from InDesign to Illustrator is to export the page with the text on it as a pdf and then open that pdf in Illustrator. The text should come in with glyphs and styling intact. If you’re trying to copy a custom vector shape from illustrator do indesign, copy it from photoshop first, paste in illustrator as “compound path”, not as “compound shape”. Then give it any color. Now it should work, you’ll be able to copy it to indesign. Source.

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