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During the X4 beta process, Valdas Vilutis astounded many of us with a hidden feature in Excel. For nearly a decade, many of us have been pasting sub-optimal EMF files from Excel. He knew of a way to get vector charts out of Excel with much more accurate curves. How? Jeff, I’ll add one note for those using Excel 2007 since it no longer has menus. Select the Chart, click the down arrow under the Paste button, select As Picture | Copy Picture and then continue on with the instructions listed. Now for the downside. If you have created a 3D chart in Excel 2007, most likely it will be pasted into CorelDRAW as a bitmap. The legend and the labels on the axis will probably be text, but nothing you can do to the chart itself. This is nice. However the first considerations I found, when publishing for scientific journals (or even books), were the journal’s page size and the editor’s demands. Hence I always redrew any chart, graph from Excel, Quattro Pro or any other spread sheet using only three line thicknesses and Swiss (Helvetica), generally light, as text fonts. Time taking? Yes, But when the author also wanted drawings translated into slides and / or a poster illustration then it was easier to modify the vector drawing as illustrations for publication 99.99% of the time are useless for simple translation into slides. I’d suggest readers, if they have not, read Edward Tufte on the “graphical display of quantative information” and his other works.Gimmicks are nice but thought is not cheap.Thank you.Edward Hearnedwardwh1937 Roboform for Passwords · GoodSync for Backup · MysticThumbs and ROMCat · Save Money With RingCentral · iolo System Mechanic Pro · ZoneAlarm Security Suite · AfterShot Pro · WordPress Themes · SocialOomph · Feedblitz · Paymo Wacom Tablets · HDMI Cables · USB Cables · Surge Protectors/USB Wall Plates · Dual USB Car Charger · FM Transmitter for Tablets/Phones Source.

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