The flex printing is now a common advertising policy of each enterprise. The beautiful flex boards get life in CorelDraw. The gazing of the model with the product and luring the customer is an advertising strategy of the enterprises. CorelDraw gives them this facility to reach customer with alluring graphics and images. CorelDraw was originally developed for Microsoft Windows 3 and currently it runs on each platform of Windows. The latest version of CorelDraw X7 was released on 27 March 2014. In the first version of CorelDraw its file format was completely proprietary file format basically used for vector graphics drawing. From the version X4 CorelDraw file is ZIP- compressed folder of several files. The CorelDraw file format specification is publicly unavailable. Other CorelDraw file formats include CorelDraw Compressed (CDX), CorelDraw Template (CDT) and Corel Presentation Exchange (CMX). CorelDraw revolutionized the graphic design industry becoming the first software for Windows. It created a storm of graphic design in the world introducing a full color vector illustration and layout program the first of its kind. Two years later Corel revolutionized the world once again by introducing the first all in one graphics suite with version 3, which combined the vector illustration, page layout, photo editing, and many more in a single package. After twenty years Corel again blown a storm by developing the CorelDraw graphics suite X4. This package enables live text formatting, independent layer per page and integration with online services to allow real time collaboration. This version is optimized of latest version of Windows continuing its tradition as a professional graphic suite for PC. CorelDraw 1.0 version that is the first version of CorelDraw came to market in 1989. After that it has been modified time to time and new features were added in each modification and better features are being added to it. After one year of its first release its version 1.11 came to market with AutoCAD DXF import/export support for working with 2D and 3D. Its nest version CorelDraw 2 came to market in 1991 with the introduction of Print Merge for merging text files with graphic files. CorelDraw 3 came to market in 1993 with an Editable Preview Mode providing the ability to work with objects displayed in full detail and in color. It was the first suite of graphic application for Windows. It introduced Corel PHOTO-PAINT adding the ability to create and edit raster images. In CorelDraw 4 version it in traduced a multipage capability allowing documents to be created with as many as 999 pages. This version also in traduced the Floating Toolbox, which could be moved out of the way to open up more pages. In CorelDraw 5 it introduced the Postscript and TrueType font support to the program. A powerful color management system was also introduced here. CorelDraw 6 was released in the same day Microsoft released Windows 95. CorelDraw 6 was the first version with full 32-bit support. The next version CorelDraw 7 was released in 1997 which introduced an Interactive Property Bar that put essential tools at people’s fingertips in one handy bar. CorelDraw 8 introduced Multi-file import along with Drop Shadow tools and interactive vector tools for manipulating drop shadows. CorelDraw suite 9 introduced multiple color palettes assisting users to customize their workplace to display multiple color palettes simultaneously. CorelDraw graphics suite 10 introduced a Publish to PDF function. The Page Sorter View gives user to view thumbnails of all pages in a single document and to reorder the pages by dragging and dropping them in particular places. CorelDraw graphics suite 11 introduced symbols and suite 12 introduced enhanced text alignment tools and dynamic Guides for positioning, aligning and drawing objects. CorelDraw graphics suite X3 introduced a new tracing engine Corel power TRACE to convert bitmaps into vector graphics. CorelDraw graphics suite X4 introduced live text formatting for previewing text attributes before applying them to a document. The latest version is CorelDraw X7 which introduces new interface of lighter and streamlined look. Source.

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