corel draw fill lessons, tips & tricks

2. Click on any color from the color palette at right hand side. The object is filled with color. We have increased the thickness of the outline to see the difference in the colors prominently. 3. If you right click on the some color, outline will be colored with same fill color. Now you will see the object with no border as the border is merged with the fill since we have used same color for both. 5. Click on the cross mark at the top of the color palette. The color is removed and you again get the object with outline. 6. Please remember that cross filled icon on the top of the color palette is used to remove fill when clicked normally and it removes outline when clicked with right button. 8. The first option is 'Fill Color Dialog'. Click it and you will get 'Uniform Fill' dialog box. Click on any color or the shade. Please do not change any settings. Click ok. Source.

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Last Modified: May 29, 2013 @ 12:00 am