Corel Draw is a vector based drawing that program that makes it easy to create professional artwork from logos to intricate technical illustrations. Corel Draw 11′s enhanced text handling capabilities and writing tool also allow you to create text intensive project such as brochure and report with greater ease then ever before. If you are new to the world of Corel Draw, you will soon discover how the new interactive tools and the program’s continuous feedback enable you to get us to speed in no time. If you have used Corel Draw before, you will soon find out how the new tools and enhanced feature give you even more power to deign and publish all your graphics. Corel Draw is different from bitmap graphic design package. Corel Draw is a Vector based program which means that it creates and handles image as mathematically designed vectors. Paint images or raster are often called Bitmap images and made of individual dots. (Called Pixels = Picture elements. they are arranged and colored differently to form a pattern. Cored DRAW is a very powerful vector-based drawing program that makes our professional artwork very easy. A vector-based drawing application that lets you create professional artwork, from simple logos to intricate technical illustrations.) These Graphics are stored in the Computer’s memory using geometric formulae to record data. They can be enlarged, rotated or stretched without and loss in their resolutions. These graphics are very less in size as compared to the bitmapped images. These types of graphics have one disadvantage that cannot be be used on web pages. These Graphics are stored in the Computer’s memory using Dot- patterns (maps to record data, color intensity etc) for every pixel that makes up the image. When enlarged, rotated or stretched, these graphics become ragged and suffer loss in their resolution are used for painting and are produced by scanner. After you select an object with the Pick tool, you can add fills and outlines to it using tools in any of the following fly outs: In this lesson, you will learn how to import files and objects, create shapes, manipulate objects, and use the Spiral and Free Skew tools. Form the Lock In list box, choose the drive on wihich yhou installed CorrelDRAW, choose CORELGRAPHICS9TUTORSDRAWHTMLDOCSHTMLPICS folder, choose MAP.CDR, and click the Import button. Select the object map outline and drag it into the top left corner of the Drawing Page until it snaps to the guidelines. from the Look In list box, choose the drive on which you installed CorelDRAW. choose CORELGRAPHICS9TUTORSDRAWHTMLDOCSHTMLPICS folder, choose MAP.TIF and click the Import button. From the Look In list box, choose the drive on which you installed CorelDRAW, choose CORELGRAPHICTUTORSDRAWHTMLDOCSHTMLPICS folder, choose NORTH POINTER.CDR and click the Import button. You can open the file BOOKS.CDR and use hte elements to create the image of two books. The books will be copied to the brochure after you modify them . From the Look in list box, choose the drive on which you installed CorelDRAW. Choose CORELGRAPHICS9TUTORSDRAWHTMLDOCSHTMLPICS folder, choose BOOKS.CDR. At the top of your drawing, click in the black area just below the orange spiral and drag to draw a curve that mirrors the curve in the drawing Release the mouse button when you reach the second spiral to the path. Source.

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