Corel Draw Training Institute in Dehradun,Delhi

CorelDraw is a vector graphics editor tool. Corel Draw is a vector based program used to make vector art. It is also used to create corporate logos, business cards, stationery, visiting cards, letter head, envelopes etc. The Several innovations to vector based illustration originated with CorelDraw. In Corel draw editing tools allow the user to adjust contrast, color balance, change the format from RGB to CMYK, and add special effects such as vignettes and special borders to bitmaps. Corel Draw is capable of handling multiple pages along with multiple master layers. Corel Draw is useful for creating and editing multi-article newsletters etc. Smaller items, like business cards, invitations etc., In Corel draw graphics Course come together with creativity and power. Adobe Corel Draw Tool is a must have for any designer because of increased speed, more accurate color control, enhanced vector illustration tools and new Web capabilities. Our program is delivered through professionals who lead the classes, more concentrating on labs and hands on practical skills. Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to Explore and customize the Corel DRAW interface. The objective of the program is to equip the trainee with skills relevant to the Web and Print Media such as Design Business Cards, Brochures, Newsletters, Magazine Covers, Image editing, etc. Source.

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