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But one thins that is really good in Corel Draw is the fact the transform changes into a rotation / skew function by a single click on your object. Compared to Painter, where all these functions are different buttons, it is much faster and more productive to just have transform and skew one click away and to have these functions all tied together. In painter you have to click each button individually, and then confirm each action. It is much slower, even though the functionality is exactly the same. Another thing is, angle rotate is simply on the UI in Draw, we have to go through edit >, rotate >, press in number >, confirm the angle. In Draw it is all tied into one. It would really clean up the Painter UI and remove unneeded hoops we have to jump through. There's no need to have an individual button for reference point either. It's simply there already in Painter and in Draw. Of course, we would still need the Distort and perspective distort buttons. But you'd turn 6 buttons into 1 and it would be much simpler and more productive to use. Also, we would no longer need Edit ->, transform ->, rotate / scale. Since you could simply add a rotate angle and scale number in the UI like in Draw. Removing even more clutter. The scale number would simply change to a rotate number depending on the click. It would remove lots of clutter and make it much easier to use. Source.

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