Corel MotionStudio 3D brings 3D modeling and animation to video enthusiasts, including flying and popping text, bouncing, twisting, and exploding 3D objects, and fire and smoke particle systems. MotionStudio 3D is built on the base of a traditional object modeling and animation tool, but enhanced for use by video editors. You can get started with the library of hundreds of pre-built objects, looks, effects, and animations, import your own 2D graphics extruded to 3D, keyframe the animation in the timeline, and then further customize with deep control over the 3D object and effect attributes. Then export the result in common video formats, including for the Web, plus 3D videos, and 2D video with alpha channel for blending. MotionStudio 3D packs an impressive core of 3D technology, repackaged for convenient use by video enthusiasts. It's available as a download for $99.99 from Corel. Try out the fully-functional trial version that's available for download. MotionStudio 3D is designed to help you create 3D objects, scenes, and animations without needing to be an expert at 3D modeling. The key is the EasyPalette -- pre-stocked with hundreds of objects, styles, effects, and animations from which you can create the initial version of a complete, good-looking animation. Then customize the look and animation, and add your own objects as desired. The MotionStudio 3D window is structured similar to a video editor, with an Edit (project) window, a Timeline, various palettes to organize resources, and plenty of toolbars. MotionStudio 3D also launches with the Corel Guide window, with access to help, updates, tutorials, and additional downloaded content The MotionStudio 3D EasyPalette provides access to hundreds of pre-defined components that can be further customized in the other palettes. Use the MotionStudio 3D object tools to create your own objects, from traditional shapes, text, and your own imported graphics. As a video animation tool, MotionStudio 3D exports video in a variety of common desktop and Web formats, plus 3D video and 2D video with alpha channel for blending. Professional-quality 3D output - Export popular image, 3D model, video, and animation formats for further video and web production Source.

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