Corel Paint Shop Pro X Essentials Training – VTC Computer Tutorials

Corel® Paint Shop Pro X is an affordable yet powerful graphics program. With its built-in Learning Center that lets users choose automatic photo fixes or precision editing controls for fine-tuning, both novice and professional can take charge of this application. VTC author Robert Correll, teaches users the essentials of the application, starting with installation and set up to photo restoration and retouching. Users will learn other skills as well, such as drawing, painting, creating collages and Web graphics. Sample images are included. To begin learning Paint Shop Pro X today, simply click on one of the links. To help you evaluate this training program, some of the tutorials may be viewed for free online. Listed below are all of the chapters and lessons for this title Copyright © 2006 • Infomotion Corporation • Scottsdale, Arizona 85260rnU.S. Toll Free Tel: (800) 810-7424 Fax: (800) 810-9329rnrn Source.

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