With 30 mediums and over 400 new brushes, no other software replicates the traditional painting experience like Corel Painter 8. It unleashes your creative power, increases your productivity and enhances your compatibility with Adobe Photoshop, giving you digital tools that capture the subtleties of your artistic style. Interactively blend paint colors using the new Mixer and design custom brushes with the Brush Creator. Experiment with true-to-life media such as Digital Watercolor, and create original sketches from photographs. With a redesigned interface, customizable palettes, and industry-standard layer masks and channels, you'll work more efficiently, leaving more time to be creative. Corel Painter 8 is the ultimate digital sketching and painting application. It's designed for digital artists, illustrators, pre-visualization artists and photographers who crave creative freedom, and need the tools to mimic the output and experience of traditional drawing and painting media. You can now get very close to natural painting techniques on a computer and nowhere closer than with a graphics tablet and Corel Painter 8. There are business graphics programs, technical graphics programs, artistic graphics programs and Painter. Painter is a natural media painting program, designed to simulate the use of watercolour, oil, gouache and many other real-world painting media as closely as possible on a PC or Mac. Although you can use Painter 8 with a mouse, most of the professional and semi-professional users for which it's intended will be using a graphics tablet. The use of a tablet and stylus is a lot more natural for this kind of painting and drawing work. Painter 8 has a revamped interface, pulling it much more into line with other Corel applications and the new combination of tools, menus and palettes is very intuitive to use. At the same time, it has increased compatibility with Adobe Photoshop, and understands Photoshop layers and channels. The program includes several useful extensions to what was available before. For a start, there's the new mixer palette. This enables you to mix colours interactively, using a stylus or mouse and then apply them from the palette to your painting. With over 400 new brushes in 30 categories as diverse as acrylics, conte, felt pens, sponges and Sumi-e, there are a lot of tools to pick from. If this still isn't enough, you can design your own brush by combining attributes of two or more others. To give you a flying start with a new painting, you can use Painter 8's innovative quick sketch effect to turn a photograph into something approaching a pencil sketch. The digital watercolour effect, also new, can then be used as a transparent colouring medium to produce very realistic looking watercolours. Painter 8 is a consolidation of earlier versions of this natural painting program, but offers useful extensions and an even closer approximation to brush and paint. --Simon Williams Source.

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