Ideas for completion. Here is a real life case study of an example of “finishing workflow” and experimentation. Learn the art and technique of making a magnificent digital collage portrait of a person, place or event. Learn two ways to organize your favorite brushes in Painter 2016: custom brush categories and shortcut palettes. How to move brushes, brush categories, art materials and custom palettes from Painter 2015 to Painter 2016. I demonstrate all 9 variants in the Artists brush category, working on a painting of a Dutch bicycle with all of them. A deep look at the Bristle Brush, the first brush variant in the Acrylics brush category in Corel Painter 2015. Learn about three more brush variants, the Glazing Acrylic, the Opaque Detail Brush and the Real Dry Flat. Some ideas for emulating in Painter 2015 the way paint builds up when applying thick paint with a palette knife. Setting up a project folder and sub-folder structure and file naming system and RAW image preparation for painting. Several photo composition techniques demonstrated, including cropping, adding canvas and combining images. Setting a convenient source/painting image arrangement plus choosing a background and opening additional reference images. Learn how easy it is to generate variations on your source image and add these to your Clone Source panel. See how I go about gradually developing and resolving the quick rough “muck up” into a more detailed painting. Learn how to capture a custom paper texture, vary the paper scale, and adjust the layer composite method and opacity. Learn to capture a masked pattern and apply it using the Pattern Pen Masked variant onto a layer for maximum control. Demonstration of the Impasto Oil brush, including adjusting some of the Advanced Brush Controls for finer control. The basics of image layers in Painter X3: how to create them, paint on them, adjust their layer opacity and change their composite method. Learn how to create a layer through pasting, how to transform layer size and orientation with Free Transform and Reference Layer, and how to use some of the special brush layers. Learn how to create a bristly brush with a juicy organic trail-off starting with an Acrylics >, Bristle Brush. Learn how to create a bristly brush with a nice trail-off and tapered trail-in and trail-out, based on the Acrylics >, Real Long Bristle. New Painter X3 clone source system explained. It’s ease, elegance and versatility demonstrated as I paint a cityscape with new bristle brushes. Quick overview of the palette arrangement you see when you first import the PaintboxTV Painter X3 Workspace. Explore the “Quick ‘n’ Easy” and “Painting from Photos” palette arrangements in the PaintboxTV Painter X3 Workspace. Learn about how to paint with patterns using a combination of the two pattern chalk jitter variants and three custom patterns. Basics of using and editing Painter’s Bezier pen to generate vector shapes and how to convert these shapes to selections or image layers. Learn how to apply the mosaic paint, color, tint, lighten and darken tools, and how to render the mosaic into a channel mask. See how the mosaic mode in Painter allows you to automatically fill a circular selection with a mosaic spiral of tiles. Review of Matisse’s drawings followed by demonstration of drawing techniques and exercises in Painter that are inspired by Matisse’s example. This webinar is devoted to understanding the wonderful range of bristly brushes in Painter 12.2 and how to control, customize and apply them. Webinar devoted to understanding the wonderful world of brushes in Corel Painter 12.2 — different types of brushes, how they behave differently, what to expect, organizational tips and suggestions for simple customizations. Source.

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