Corel Photo-Paint 9 Features Click on a thumbnail to enlarge it. Use your browser's 'BACK' button to return to this review when done. Color and Color Management Features Multiple On-Screen Color Palettes: Corel PHOTO-PAINT 9 can display multiple Color Palettes, giving users choice, speed, and flexibility when customizing their workspace. Users can view more than one Color Palette using the Color Palette Browser window or the Color Palettes menu in the Window menu and enabling the check box beside the palettes they wish to view. Users can also set the default palette according to their preference. New Color Palettes: New Color Palettes have been included in Corel PHOTO-PAINT 9. They are: PANTONE MATCHING SYSTEM Coated, PANTONE MATCHING SYSTEM Uncoated, PANTONE Hexachrome Coated, PANTONE Hexachrome Uncoated, PANTONE Metallic Colors, PANTONE Pastel Colors Coated, PANTONE Pastel Colors Uncoated, HKS Color Palettes Enhanced Uniform Fill Dialog Box: The Uniform Fill dialog box has been enhanced to let users click tabs when switching between options in the dialog box. For quick navigation, a Name list box has been added to provide users with a complete list of all colors in the fixed Color Palettes. Also, the Add To Palette button in the Uniform Fill dialog box lets users add selected colors to open custom palettes. Users also have the option of changing color models in the Color Harmonies viewer in Corel PHOTO-PAINT 9, and can move each handle on the Color Wheel individually to create new harmonies. Embedded ICC Profiles: ICC profiles may be embedded in various file formats, such as CPT, EPS, and .TIF file formats. Users can also extract color profiles from images with embedded profiles. This gives users greater control over the color management process between applications. Apply ICC Profile: By specifying a source ICC profile, users can convert images that do not contain embedded ICC profiles into the RGB space of the application. Choice of Internal RGB Space: Users can customize the internal RGB space in which colors are managed. This will increase color consistency between Corel and third-party applications. Several choices of internal RGB profiles are included. Apply, Extract, and Embed ICC Color Profiles: When a bitmap file, such as .CPT or .TIF, contains an embedded ICC color profile, users have the option to apply the profile to the file when opening it. Color profiles can also be extracted from the bitmap file when it is opened and saved to the local color profile directory for use by the applications. CMYK and RGB color profiles can be saved within supported file types on export. Professional Output Features The Professional Output features in Corel PHOTO-PAINT 9 include Publish to PDF, Encapsulated PostScript Export, and Printing Features. 1. Publish to PDF--The new Publish to PDF features in Corel PHOTO-PAINT 9 are designed to let users create a PDF identical to their original file. This gives users increased publishing flexibility. Options in Publish to PDF include downsampling and compression options, bookmark and hyperlink options, job ticketing capabilities, font embedding, subsetting, and color management options. The controls of all dialog boxes in the Image and Effects menus have been redesigned to minimize the size of the dialog boxes and maximize efficiency. The Effects menu navigation button, the on-screen/in-dialog box preview button, and the single/dual preview button have been moved to the Tide Bar of the Effects dialog box. New slider controls provide clearer graphical indication of the marker position in the sliders' range. Also, when an Effects dialog box is open, pressing F2 will temporarily minimize the dialog box and move it to the top center of the display area. A new progress meter for all effects is included in each dialog box. Source.

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