We are looking for a program, or a way, to convert these files to AutoCAD files. I know Corel is rastor-based and AutoCAD is vector-based. You don't think I've done that? That was the first thing I did, after surfing the web for half an hour, and registering on this site. I haven't seen anything that provides instructions on how to convert a cdr file to a dwg file. If your archives are actual vector drawings and (God forbid) not rasterized illustations, you should be able to export via either .dwg or .dxf. In the past I often did this myself. Open the CDR in Corel (as Seant says: it is a vector format) and save it in dxf or in dwg format. Open it in AutoCAd for final touch. Fuccaro speaks the truth on this. I have done this myself many times as well. If you need to buy Corel Draw cheap, older versions can be bought over the internet for cheap. Please do not PM me with CAD questions. Post your question on the forum. Our users are the best out there and you'll get the best possible answer to your question. Thanks for the help! I've used Corel in the past, but not much. It's on a group computer in a seperate area, which is very uncomfortable to work in. So I don't get over there unless I absolutely have to. We use AutoCAD drawings in our books to illustrate the systems, which are conveyors, robotic equipment, barcode readers, scanners, computer systems, etc. JPEGs are used for software stuff, like screenshots. I use AutoCAD only for basic stuff so I'm not that knowledgable about it. I've passed the information that I've learned here to the drafter I'm working with. Last night I saved one file in .dwg format (in Corel) and opened it in AutoCAD. Looked ok except for the words. So now I just need to work with it some more and see if the drawing can be modified (layers, scaling, etc.). One drafter said they don't usually do this because all the lines are broken up into little pieces and so are worthless in AutoCAD. But I saw a posting from jdkriek about this problem and the solution so I'll pass it on. Source.

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