Discover how to use Corel software to create everything from vector illustrations and business documents to digital paintings and photo enhancements. Get started with our video training today. every online course includes free video tutorials. Become a member to keep learning, with unlimited access to the subscription library. Learn how to use Painter's new particle brushes and dynamic speckle brushes. Learn how to control the size, shape, density, and randomness of the effects, and use the brushes to paint stars, dust clouds, and other physics-inspired elements. Learn to paint on a digital canvas with the original digital painting software: Painter. Find out how to use Painter 2016 to create stunning works of digital art. Express the creative artist in you. Learn how to use Painter 2015 to create stunning works of digital art. Maximize the expressive capabilities of your digital painting toolset. Learn to integrate a Wacom tablet and stylus with Corel Painter for maximum pressure sensitivity and range of motion. Learn all about digital painting: mixing paint, working with layers and brushes, using color creatively, sketching, and painting with photographs. Get your creative ideas out of your head and onto your canvas. Learn the essentials of working with Corel Painter X3, and get started with digital painting. Transform a portrait or family photo into a piece of art worthy of framing, in this digital painting tutorial. Demonstrates Painter 12 creative techniques that will get beginners up and running, and shows old hands the new features that can get a creative vision out of the head and on to the canvas. Unlocks the expressive power of the application by showing users how to modify brushes to create the perfect stroke or create custom brush variants. This course will show the basic and advanced creative techniques used to get a creative vision out of the head and onto the canvas. David Rivers addresses experienced CorelDRAW users as he offers insight into new features and enhancements. Delves into Painter X's tools, palettes, materials, and brushes, conveys artistic concepts like simplicity and proportion. Instructor David Rivers demonstrates the new and important features in each of the WordPerfect Office X4 applications. Shows novices and pros alike how to use Corel Paint Shop Pro X2 to organize, edit, and share photos. Users of all levels can learn how to use Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo to organize, edit, and share photos. Confidently tackle a wide variety of projects, from logos and web graphics to multi-page marketing brochures. Explore basic drawing tools, adding text, controlling page layout, publishing PDFs, and printing final documents. Teaches how to create a wide variety of documents, from simple letters to complex documents for publishing. Designed to give users a basic understanding of the program and its features, specifically how to transform photos into paintings. Covers the Corel Photo Downloader, Smart Photo Fix, the makeover tools, and the Infrared Black-and-White filter. An overview of the Corel Painter IX interface, a review of basic tools, and tips on working with a Wacom tablet. Learn CorelDRAW's unique tools, including the artistic media tool, the lens docker, and the interactive blend tool. Teaches the full spectrum of features, from using layers, selections and masks to retouching photos. “In a way, I feel like you are rooting for me. Like you are really invested in my experience, and want me to get as much out of these courses as possible this is the best place to start on your journey to learning new material.”— Nadine H. Source.

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