COREL workshops – 11. Fair of Photographic, Film, Video and Cinema Equipment – -== MTL ==- Lodz International Fair

IPI Publishing House and Corel Company invite to the presentation of graphic software. The presentations will be conducted by Aleksy Pawluczuk, the lecturer of Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow. Below you will find the program of presentations: Corel® Paint Shop Pro® Photo It provides the easy and pleasant using the digital photos – from the simple solutions for modifying, sorting, making available and storing the collections of digital photos to advanced utensils for photo edition. Thanks to the inbuilt Educational Center that helps the beginners to start work it is the easiest way to get the professionally looking photos – fast and efficiently. The presentation will cover the following products: Ulead® VideoStudio® - software for video edition and burning DVD discs being the compilation of advanced function and simple service. It allows the creation of video films of professional quality, slides shows and DVD discs in standard and high quality resolution formats. Corel® Painter™ - comprehensive software used to create the illustrations and painting in Natural-Media® technology – it offers the unique sets of digital brushes, painter’s materials and textures accurately conveying the look and conduct of their traditional counterparts. The digital work-room Corel Painter X introduces the new composition tools, unrivalled efficiency and quite new painting system RealBristle™ that in unparallel way imitates natural brushes. 15th March, 2008 1.30 pm – 2.30 pm CorelDRAW® Graphics Suite – using this comprehensive package it is possible to work with all the projects such as logo, websites’ projects or many-pages documents. Thanks to the functions of transforming bitmaps to the vector form in Corel PowerTRACE program, functions for editing the photos in PHOTO-PAINT program, educational tools for the whole package and the improvements in the range of illustrating and edition of the layout of the pages, this integrated graphic package unites in itself excellent possibilities and simplicity of service. We would like also to invite to visit our stand where it will be possible to see all the products and talk directly to the representatives of Corel Company. Each day there will be drawing of the rewards for the participant who will fill in our survey (available on the stand). He drawing will take place after the presentation of Corel company. ks. Skorupki 21 Street, 90-532 Lodz, PolandCapital: 4.856.900 PLN, Entry into the National Court Register at the District Court in Lodz, 20 Economic Division Source.

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