CorelDRAW Help & Tutorials -&lt,b&gt, &lt,font size=’7′ color=’#808080′ face=’Verdana’&gt,Preparing files and objects for Web publishing in CorelDRAW&lt,/font&gt,&lt,/b&gt,

You can prepare your files and objects for the Web by setting preferences and verifying the objects before you export them. The CorelDRAW application provides options for publishing your document to the World Wide Web. You can determine layout options, set link colors, and select HTML text preferences. Among the text export options, you can export Web-compatible text as plain text so that users can copy and reuse the text, or you can export all text as images so that the text will always display as you designed it. You can export your graphics to preset JPEG, GIF, or PNG formats. You can also publish your document as a single image, from which the application creates an image map. An image map is a hypergraphic whose hotspots link to different URLs — including pages, locations, and images — when you view the HTML document with a browser. Note that large image maps might cause slow downloads for those with a slow Internet connection. dialog box are exported with the file, eliminating any conflict between link color and your document’s page background color. — lets you specify the number of pixels text can be automatically nudged to avoid introducing rows or columns that are only a few pixels in size — lets you specify the number of pixels that can occur in an empty cell before it’s merged with an adjacent cell. This lets you avoid splitting a single graphic that spans adjacent cells. Cells or tables are used to position Internet objects in your Web document when you choose the HTML Tables layout method Source.

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