CorelDraw Vs Adobe Illustrator: Which is better? – Page 5 – Vector Graphics

You currently have javascript disabled. Several functions may not work. Please re-enable javascript to access full functionality. Well i think be unfair say who is the best just because lot people use AI not mean are the best... because even modest MS paint u can design I start with corel draw 6 and freehand in time of macromedia, and they do a fantastic job, and of course with time the thinks change and more tools we need. I remember in corel draw 10 the paint have 'CROP' and Photoshop if not msiake come in cs3 the same tool 'CROP'. One think i really love in Ai is layer well organized, in corel not so much, but in corel is fast load and even with multi-pages... I use both because AI have thinks i need and Corel to, and lot time im import and export from boths, and im happy see all years the compatibility between both still better even with eps. So isn't about who is better but what kind machine you have and what SO u fell comfortable, for me I love corel raw because is simple and fast but still use AI when need more complex logos. There is no full opacity mode in X6 so far. However, the other way is using that transparent fill option. I found it better. There is no full opacity mode in X6 so far. However, the other way is using that transparent fill option. I found it better. I read all your comments, decisions and statements about both programs and if I could be honest, I would say everyone have a specialization of their own experience with their software skills. I noticed that people are fighting against each others favorite software just because some of them don't know corel and others are out of illustrator skills which is not a valid reason to talk about specialties of program. where one of our fellow has cleared about how did illustrator become famous and get called industry standard by people who don't even know about the software and it's use. The main reason why illustrator become famous is just it has both photoshop and corel tools and effects in it however it can't get their places as photoshop and corel have been the best and professional award winning programs. I'm using corel draw and photoshop together for about 11 years since when the illustrator wasn't born completely. I have found corel draw very fast, efficient, reliable and responsive when designing graphics such as logos, business cards, vector images, silhouettes etc. It's latest version X7 supports more than 20+ file formats and it's the worlds #1 software which supports max file formats. You can even export almost all required file formats from corel draw such as EPS, PSD, PNG, JPG, PDF, CDR, Ai etc.. As a logo or advertisement designer, you will certainly want to be able to create a richly detailed file that looks great in any size – from brochure, to outdoor billboard. CorelDraw is best adapted if your design ends up as a manufactured item. So, if you are designing furniture, packaging, shop signs or anything else that goes into production, CorelDraw is the right software for you, due to its more technical approach to design. You can add size quotas to various elements quickly and calculate angles and lengths with great precision. Corel Draw X7 has everything for graphic designers. Source.

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