The Two-point perspective effect gives an object the appearance of receding in two directions. How can you copy the same effect to other selected objects? Which view lets you create drawings in actual pixels, providing an accurate representation of how a design will appear on the Web, and also helps align objects more accurately? The_____________________ guides you through the process of finding objects that contain the properties you specify and then replacing those properties with others. Which color management option converts the colors of the imported or pasted file into the color profile of the active document? Which of the following effects helps reduce the saturation of each color in a Bitmap to zero, remove the hue component, and convert each color to its grayscale equivalent? When you apply a lens to a vector object, the lens itself becomes a vector image. Likewise, if the lens is placed over a bitmap, the lens becomes a bitmap too. The ________________feature helps create a ZIP folder containing the CorelDRAW file, a PDF version of it, the fonts and the color profiles used in the file, which can then be sent to the print service provider. Contour tool helps apply special effects to text characters or objects in order to make them stand out from the background or from other objects. The _____________ tool is an excellent tool that lets you lighten, darken, or make color adjustments to your bitmap images in CorelDRAW. You can view the adjustments in the preview window and use the ____________ feature to experiment with different settings until you are satisfied with the results. Which web-based service lets you post your design and make it available exclusively to your client, who can then review the design and post comments? Source.

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