Rockatansky is part creative genius / part plagiarist who loves to inspire and be inspired.BIORockatansky has the following people to thank for his current state of mind: Sam Raimi, Peter Jackson, Harry Harrison, KISS, Robert McCammon, Graham Masterton, Metallica, Brian Bolland, Suicidal Tendencies, Ray Harryhausen, Peter Cushing, Tom Savini, George Romero, George Miller, The Inspiral Carpets, Rod Serling, Motley Crue, Erin Grey, Phoebe Cates, Lee Majors, Sid James, Jerry Lewis, Christopher Lee, Alan Moore, Faith No More, Janes Addiction, George Pal, Jeff Wayne, Dean Koontz, Rick Baker, Lynda Carter, George Lucas, David Hasselhoff, Eva Habermann, Dario Argento, Richard O'Brien, Chevy Chase, Michael Caine, John Barry, Kylie, Ennio Morricone, Twisted Sister, Traci Lords, Johnathan Ross, Jennifer Connelly, Pop Will Eat Itself, Christina Applegate, Jackie Chan, Chow Yun Fat, Steven Spielberg, Johnny Weismuller, Basil Rathbone and, last but not least, Rockatansky's wife, daughter, son, parents and friends (and his sister, who quite rightly pointed out that she has played her part in warping his brain) Are these cranes? They could be storks or herons for all I know (my reference picture didn't say). Crane Dance just sounded nice. The male is giving it his all, prancing and flapping like a mad-bird amongst the wind-blown blossom petals. The female ignores him. 100% vector using Illustrator 10. Nice and clean image (illustrator? freehand? hand draw?). Yes, they are cranes (red-crowned crane, I suposse). You knows the nature works of Hokusai? He make a study about how draw cranes with only one brush stroke. japa - this was done in Illustrator 10 using a modified photograph as reference. I wanted an oriental feel to the picture (hence the blossom petals whirling around) - I hope I succeeded. I don't know the works of Hokusai - I'll try and find some and have a look! Source.

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