/r/gis is a community dedicated to everything GIS (Geographic Information Systems). Please take a minute to read the FAQ below and search through our post history. If you don't find what you need jump in and submit new content. A geographic information system or geographical information system (GIS) is a system designed to capture, store, manipulate, analyze, manage, and present all types of spatial or geographical data. - Wikipedia ArcGIS Community - maps, applications, blogs, forums, documentation, etc for specific mapping communities Lynda (training service, potentially free through your public/school library) ArcGIS Essential Training We are trying to include as much as we can here at /r/gis but there is information spread out in other subs. Here are just a few: Hey everyone, So I'm working on a map of log structures in a river, and I need to create polygons that are traced from photos that I have on the map, but I'm running into some huge problems that I can't seem to figure out. First, using the polygon tool straight up crashes my map, which is quite frustrating. Second, the other tools rarely/seldom work on certain sections of the river, and don't seem to have a pattern as to where/why they don't work. I tested to see if it was the shape of the structure that was causing issues by trying to simplify the polygon and/or creating smaller squares/simpler polygons next to to structures, but those usually don't work either. Oddly enough, if I press some buttons (again, no pattern as to what buttons or what order or any indication that these WOULD fix the problem), I can occasionally get the polygon to work in an area that didn't previously let me. Any advice or anyone else run into these problems? Can you provide some more detailed information on the exact process and tools you are trying to use? Drawing polygons based on aerial imagery should not be such a difficult task. What exactly is the 'polygon tool'? What are the 'other tools' that you've attempted to use on other sections of the river? What 'buttons' are you pressing? Sorry, yes, I am editing, and working on a server. I created a new shapefile, and have just been using the tools with editor - there's a side panel that shows up called 'create features', under which has my shapefiles, and once I click on the shapefile I'm trying to edit I can click one of a few construction tools in a box under that. Using the polygon tool crashes the entire program, the other tools I've been using were other options under the same box, the freehand tool, the auto-completing polygon tool, and a few others just to see if they work. The 'buttons' I'm pressing are just basic tools on arcmap: selections, identify, pan, etc, etc A couple of things to try: Try creating and editing on your machine then copying to the server when you are done. Second. If you are using ArcMap you really just be creating and editing your features in a geodatabase. If your end result for whomever is a shapefile, export it out when finished. I would advise, create a geodatabase, then a feature dataset, then a feature class inside that dataset and edit that. Most people cannot grasp this concept for some reason, but it's overall easier in the editing environment, if you have Standard or Advanced desktop to create a line and a polygon feature. Sketch all your features with lines then use the construct tool to 'build' polygons from lines. It's so much easier to edit lines. You can stop in the middle of a sketch and save or take lunch or whatever. Then come back and finish the line. Can't do that so easily with polygons. Source.

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