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This site has been optimized for modern browsers. Please install the latest version of Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Internet Explorer for the best experience. Portable:1. Using the up or down menu buttons on the front of the radio press until you see OpenSky 2. Once there, press the M button.3. The radio will then reboot back into OTP and then should look normal. Mobile:1. Simply press the 'C' preprogrammed button on the front of the control head and that will toggle the radio back and forth between OCF and OTP.2. You can go through the menu if you wish. It is the same as the portable other than you use the up / down and left / right arrows. Then when you obtain what you want, press the select button. If the radio still does not connect to the network, the radio may be in need of repair. To determine if the radio is in need of repair, contact Brian Hamilton at 717.218.2908 for further help. Source.

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