Custom Vector Illustrations for a Chiropractor

I am an illustrator, artist and graphic designer. Actually, I am an engineer by education, but still an artist by heart. I have started my independent career as an illustrator in 2009. I would like to share the story of my career development with the world as well as to showcase the most interesting artworks I create. If you look at my earlier posts you will certainly notice that my favorite drawing technique is cross-hatching . I have recently understood ... I know that drawing a realistic human portrait is one of the most difficult tasks for any artist. Today I want to tell about how I drew my l... Outlining my pencil sketches has been a real pain in the rear lately as I had to use different ballpoint and gel pens in order to trace draw... The portrait of Johnny Cash is the first artwork created for Buffalo & Company and their American Music Legend T-shirt Series . I’ve be... named Fabien. He commissioned me to make 8 illustrations in a peculiar style which looks like old school comics style advertisements. Fabien wanted to print out a big poster incorporating illustrations which would represent real life situations when people are suffering from pain caused by certain pathologies, harmful conditions or injuries which can be effectively treated by an experienced chiropractor like Fabien C-Storz. So if you urgently need help of a while in Paris, make sure you contact Fabien for a quick relief or a comprehensive treatment (you can visit his website at These are great custom vector illustrations for a chiropractor. As a chiropractor, I really appreciate these. Thanks for sharing! art for business|chiropractor|health|manual therapist|medical illustrations|medical illustrator|medicine|poster|vector art|vector images| Source.

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