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NOTE: This course is not for people who use WordPress(dot)com. You must use WordPress with paid hosting so you can access the Editor from the WordPress Appearance menu. Before you sign up, make sure you can see the 'Editor' option from the Appearance menu in WordPress. Tired of not being able to change your WordPress themes link and menu colors, text sizes and more? Do you avoid opening your themes stylesheet because youre afraid youll break your websites design? This course is for anyone who uses WordPress and would like to edit parts of their site beyond the default menu options provided in the WordPress admin panel. And dont worry, you dont need to become a programmer to change your themes styles very easily. Youll learn how to use a browser trick to adjust your link colors, link styling, blockquote tag, font sizes, add background styles to various sections of your site, select the exact colors you desire, style your bullets with images and more! In this course, Ill be using the Genesis WordPress theme for illustration purposes. And while its great if you have this theme, its not necessary to grasp the lessons since all WordPress themes use CSS to control the themes design. And dont worry if you are not a programmer. As you will discover, you dont have to be to do the basics. Editing your theme will be easier than you ever imagined. If youre tired of not being able to edit basic parts of your WordPress theme design, this course will be a breath of fresh air! NOTE: This is not a course for learning programming and making drastic changes to your layout (adding another column, etc). Its primarily for smaller edits like menu and link colors, adding additional styling, etc. You will pick up some basic CSS lessons along the way, however. TAG: Customize Any WordPress Theme With This rapidshare megaupload limetorrents ,,, the pirate bay, Customize Any WordPress Theme With This via torrent download, 2015, 2016. Source.

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