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There is no user interface to customize shortcuts yet but you can edit <,Inkscape install directory>,share/keys/default.xml, or add a custom keys/default.xml in the user Inkscape preferences directory to define new shortcuts or remap (override) shortcuts from the shared keymap file. In order to share same shortcuts than other softwares, following configuration files are shipped with Inkscape (look at the <,Inkscape install directory>,share/keys/ folder): Icons are in all in an icons.svg file located in <,Inkscape install directory>,shareicons. It can be overwritted or modified by the user (be sure of what you do). Alternatively, a custom icons/icons.svg file can be loaded from the user Inkscape preferences directory (it will override existing icons from the shared icons file, and fall back to icons from the shared icons file if some are missing in the custom one). In GTK, a theme is defined in a gtkrc file. On Windows, the Inkscape one is located in <,Inkscape install directory>,etcgtk-2.0. Source.

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