Data conversion and layer anomaly remedy from arcgis to coreldraw – Topics in Research

Data sharing between charting software is one of the most vital and hottest issues in map production.ArcGIS,equipped with spatial data processing function,and CorelDraw,possessing graphics design function,have received strong favor among map compilation units and experts for their mature mapping function and rich development resources.However,traditional mapping doesn't specify data transfer method from ArcGIS to CorelDraw.As to such a problem,the paper emphasizly puts forward a data conversion plan-using the third data format Dwg.In the meanwhile,with the help of COM-supported VBA development resources in ArcGIS to carry out secondary development,it makes up for sequent layer anomaly,making sure the precision of data conversion and data sharing between ArcGIS and CorelDraw.Topics:ArcGIS, corelDraw, data conversion, layer anomaly Source.

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