As a LinkedIn member, you’ll join 400 million other professionals who are sharing connections, ideas, and opportunities. I have been working for the USGS since 2006. I have extensive experience in reading & interpreting geologic & mineral resource literature & maps as part of my GIS, illustration, & technical report work. I compile & synthesize geoscientific data for global-& regional-scale assessments of copper, potash, & platinum-group metal mineral resources. I am often required to translate & underst& maps & literature in various languages, including Chinese, Hebrew, Russian, & Danish (to name a few). I began using ArcView GIS 3.2 & have updated over the years through ArcGIS 10 & related software. I have been using ArcGIS 10 since the end of 2010, & have experience with building ArcGIS 9.3 & 10.+ geodatabases. I am proficient with many of the ArcGIS analysis tools including buffering, proximity analysis, & statistical analysis by kriging surfaces from spatial data. I am familiar with model builder, spatial analyst, & image analysis for raster processing & analysis. I have much experience with analog-to-digital conversion of maps & documents. By working with map images from around the world, I have developed the ability to find &or create the perfect projection for the map images so they can be viewed as originally intended, & not severely warped. Map projections differ around the world. Finding the correct projection for areas so diverse as Greenl&, China, Russia or Antarctica takes a great underst&ing of a part of the ArcGIS world that few GIS professionals deal with. I also have experience with a number of other non-ESRI spatial applications such as Global Mapper & Google Earth Pro. I often work within the Google Earth Pro environment – creating kml/kmz files & easily moving raster, shape & kml files between Google Earth & ArcGIS. I commonly use Word, Adobe Acrobat, Adobe Illustrator CS5, & Corel Draw. In particular, my work building & modifying new & existing databases requires me to be fully adept with Excel, including the use of many spreadsheet tools & functions. Produced final engineering and environmental plan view and cross-section drawings for local consultants. Created and produced bookplates for rare books. Created business logos for customers Conducted oriented core drilling training at Brewery Creek mine, Yukon. Conducted Slope Stability Analysis for mine tailings. Performed Pond Water Balance Analysis for 100 year storm events. Oversaw environmental drilling and test pit investigations. Conducted aerial photo interpretations and historical environmental reviews. Performed slope stability analysis for highway 504 near Mt. St. Helens, WA. Conducted Preliminary environmental drilling with Argonne National Labs. Assessed and designated aggregate resources. Supervised Helipad HDPE liner installation. Ordered supplies for NSG & USAP Antarctic Field Season. Oversaw oriented rock core & soil sample drilling. Conducted slope stability analysis for mine tailings & road design. High density polyethylene (HDPE) liner inspector for heap Leach mining Operations. Reviewed preliminary logging roads for Culvert Sizing, Blasting & Fill needs. Reviewed Forest Mine Safety & Compliance requirements. Oversaw drilling for aggregate sources, bridge abutment & road design. Conducted slope stability analysis for road design. Created Geological Resource & Hazard Maps from aerial photo interpretations & field review. Conducted & Drafted Geologic Cross Sections for Mt. St. Helens road improvements. Source.

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