All of deCarta’s products and services are built on the deCarta DDS Geospatial Platform, a field-proven platform that has powered some of the biggest location-based services around the world for over 15 years. deCarta Geospatial Platform provides the core functionality that allows application developers to implement location functionality using simple APIs. At the core of any geospatial service is data. Poor data, or poorly integrated data sets will kill any platform, no matter how advanced the functionality. deCarta processes and integrates a wide range of geo-data allowing it to work seamlessly across data sets and geographic areas. We normalize all data into deCarta’s Rich Map Format (RMF), ensuring that disparate features are well aligned and indistinguishable at the application level. RMF also allows our customers to choose from many data suppliers...or integrate their own data to the best use of their application. Applications can access a wide variety of deCarta partners for geospatial and non-geospatial data. They can also integrate proprietary content to build customized applications for local search and social media websites, real estate portals, travel and concierge services, navigation solutions, fleet-tracking and telematics solutions, and call center/dispatch applications. The DDS platform offers advanced geospatial functionality to support any application needs. Starting with customized vector maps that reflect the customer’s brand, applications can access world-class geocoding, reverse geocoding, local search, geofencing and routing at web-scale and speed. Advanced features such as Search Near and Search Along a Route are also fully integrated into the applications. deCarta offers REST APIs and web services to support deployment on a wide range of platforms and devices. For more information on deCarta Geospatial Platform, contact deCarta or check out the deCarta DevZone. Source.

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