Definition of Vector Graphics (vs Pixel based Graphics) | Adobe Creative Cloud Illustrator : Introduction | KnowledgeCity Online Video Training

Description: An introduction to the fundamentals of Adobe Illustrator, an image editing software used by professional graphic artists. This graphic design training course includes topics about working with the tools and user interface, drawing shapes, using the pen and curvature tools, editing Bezier paths, tracing images, layer basics, transforming, working with color basics and more. so let's take a look at how illustrator works illustrator works very very differently than Photoshop Photoshop is pixel based an illustrator is shape or object based so when we take a look at this flower here it looks very much like a photo of a flower that if I put my cursor on top of it you can see that each element is a separate object and you can see that those objects are vector based and we know it's Spector bass because of all the little lines that we see on them so I just want to compare that for you to what happens in comparison to Photoshop in Photoshop everything it's pixels we look at this image and it looks just about as realistic as the flower that we were just looking at bait if we could zoom in on it you'll see here that it's actually made out of pixels and if I run my cursor around it nothing become selected because these are all individual pixels that you can see here when I zoom in so when we look at illustrator will be looking at things created what factor and sometimes people talk about vector illustrations as being very simple line art but I want to show you some examples that will show you that doesn't necessarily have to be true because a common thing that's made an illustrator could be a map and you can see that this map while it's in some ways simple and in some ways could be called lane art it can still be very complex and also if we look at this other medical illustration you can see here that this is also very complex and it was created in illustrator so illustrator can be used to create things that are very lifelike very photo realistic even even though it becomes vector based now and vector vases much more useful sometimes than photos because any of these images could be scaled to any size that we need Source.

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